North Korea Release Shocking Images of Nuclear Missiles Ready to Launch at West

Images have emerged from North Korea of their terrifying intercontinental ballistic missile launch with a claim that they can now fire a nuclear weapon at “anywhere in the world”.

Leader Kim Jong-un surprised the world by successfully launching its first ICBM today as part of a test that saw the weapon land in the Sea of Japan.

Missiles of this kind are primarily used to carry nuclear weapons and fears have been raised in the international community that World War 3 may now be imminent.

North Korean state-run media has released a video showing Kim Jong-un clapping with joy following the success of the missile test.

Star reports: Other images show North Korean soldiers flinging their hats into the air in celebration, while another shows the terrifying missile erected atop the back of a truck ready for lift off.

Since the launch, the rogue nation has confirmed it can now “target anywhere” with its arsenal.

North Korean state media station KCNA said:

“Kim Jong-un, his scientists, and engineers successfully launched an ICBM.”Hwasong-14 flew 39 minutes and followed a predetermined trajectory, hitting an open-water target accurately.”Kim Jong-un personally observed and declared the launch to be successful to a worldwide audience.”This was the final hurdle in ICBM development.”Hwasong-14’s success is due to KWP’s dual-track development of autonomous national defense – what an occasion to celebrate our achievement. “We always wanted strong defense via our own means. We are now a nuclear power that can target anywhere in the world with our ICBMs.”As a result, we have put an end to the US threat of nuclear war to ensure peace and stability on the Korean peninsula. We’ll work toward those ends.”

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The launch sparked a furious backlash from US President Donald Trump, who urged China to take action.The missile launch comes on the same day the US celebrates its Independence Day.It also falls before July 27, the anniversary marking the end of the Korean war which began in 1950 and ended three years later.Each year North Korea marks the date for a “victory” celebration.


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