After Saudis Beheaded 47 People, Belgium Now Refusing to Sell them Arms, Germany May Follow

After the Saudi’s beheaded 47 people, Belgium leaders made it clear that they’ll no longer stand for such aggression.

Shiite Muslims in Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen all angrily condemned the executions, and Iranian protesters stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran.
Within days, Germany was questioning what level of involvement they want to take with Saudi Arabia.

“We must now review whether in the future we should take a more critical stance” on selling arms to Saudi Arabia, German Vice Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel said Monday.

Belgium, however, nearly immediately took it a step further by immediately declining Saudi Arabia’s request for military equipment supplies.

“We have rejected the request [for military equipment supplies to Saudi Arabia],” Geert Bourgeois told the Flemish Parliament, as quoted by the RTBF broadcaster. “If there is a possibility that the weapons may be used for internal repression, I refuse.”

Of course, the United States continues to support Saudi Arabia – and President Trump just recently announced a blockbuster arms deal with the Middle Eastern nation.


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