This story you are about to watch is amazing.

Zack Clements is a vigorous 17-year-old boy. He plays football at Victory Life Academy in Brownwood, Texas.

Last week, Zack was running in his PE class when he suddenly collapsed. His heart stopped, and he was taken to the hospital. Zack was without a heartbeat for a 20 minutes, and was nearly pronounced dead when a pulse finally appeared.

After regaining consciousness, he described to his family what he saw.

“When I was out those 20 minutes, I saw a man who had long ruffled hair and kind of a thick beard, and it didn’t take me long to realize that that was Jesus,” he said.

“I went up to him and he put his hand on my shoulder and he told me everything would be alright and not to worry.”

His father Billy Clements says he know it’s a difficult story for many people to accept, however for him and his family, it’s the only thing that makes sense.

“For him to wake up and tell us something he experienced like that. It’s just you can’t explain it. It’s not humanly possible to explain it,” said Billy Clements.

Zack’s mother, Teresa Clements doesn’t doubt for a second that what happened to her son was divine intervention. “I’m just glad he decided to let me have my baby back,” she said.

Zack is glad to be back as well. He hopes to return to normal life once the doctors give him the okay.

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